Ice Dam Steaming in Maple Grove, MN

Ice Dam Steaming in Maple Grove, MN

Melting snow on your roof can cause a situation known as an ice dam which can be very damaging to your home. Ice dams are created when snow falls, then melts, followed by refreezing at the roof edge. The ice builds up and prevents the meltwater from running off your roof. As the winter progresses, the ice dam grows larger and larger, eventually leading to significant water damage to your roof and home during a week of thawing.

The best way to prevent an ice dam is to get an ice dam removal service from GreenLine Home Washing Services. We use safe methods to safely STEAM away the layers of the dam and reroute melted water away from your roof. We do not use a pressure washer or hammers that will ruin your roof.

Don’t take chances with ice dams – make sure you get a professional ice dam removal service to protect your home from future damage. My wife and I had an ice dam in our home 15 years ago and it ended up being over $5000 to replace the wet attic insulation and repair the ceiling. The picture below is an example of what can happen when water starts seeping through your home.

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