Complete House Washing In Mounds View, mN

Edina Realty agent suggested this homeowner get their exterior professionally cleaned before they put their home on the market. There are just too many details to think about when selling a home. Investing 2-3 days in cleaning by yourself is just not an option when it can take GreenLine Home Washing 1 day. It is a no brainer! (The National Association of Realtors estimates a professional exterior home cleaning can bring $10,000 – $15,000 in value to your home)

They wanted the complete package from GreenLine Home Washing! We did a complete roof cleaninghouse washingdeck cleaning and restoration, window cleaning, and screen cleaning for this Mounds View client. If it was dirty, we cleaned it. The mold is now off the roof, the cobwebs are gone from the siding, the windows are clean, and the deck looks brand new again. The good thing is the home sold fast and our clients successfully moved to their dream home up north!

Call now if you are getting your home ready to sell and need a professional exterior cleaning company to handle the mess. GreenLine Home Washing makes a world of difference when first impressions can make or break a home sale.

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Client Review: So pleased with Mike’s work!
– Mary Jo Verschay

Complete House Washing

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