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Keep the Exterior of Your Minneapolis or St. Paul Home Pristine with Professional House Washing

House washing

The exterior of your Minneapolis or St. Paul home is in constant contact with natural pollutants, from dirt to pollen to rain. The pressure washing specialists at GreenLine Home Washing use house washing techniques that remove all signs of these elements with environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that protect your home's exterior.

Exterior soft washing is the house washing technique recommended by siding manufacturers because it won't cause damage from high pressure to your home. It is also the technique our experts use for roof cleaning, deck cleaning, window cleaning, or for cleaning any other fragile surface of your home.

Importance of Routine House Washing

While algae growth can stain and permanently damage your home's siding, mold and mildew growing on the exterior of your home can also exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. House washing removes allergens, so you and your family will experience less adverse health effects. You'll also avoid costly repairs from algae, mold or mildew damage.

When you should schedule house washing services:

  • Sap yielding trees surround your home
  • You live in an area that has frequent storms, which result in an accumulation of spores and debris
  • You live on, or near, a dirt road
  • You live in an area with high humidity levels. Algae and mold grow quicker in high humidity areas.

You can't do anything to stop the elements outside your home, but you can take steps to undo the problems they cause. The most effective action is to call GreenLine Home Washing for a professional house washing for your Minneapolis or St. Paul home.

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