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Remove Stains From Your Minneapolis or St Paul Driveway or Sidewalk With Concrete Washing

Concrete cleaning

No matter how careful you are, the concrete around your Minneapolis/St. Paul home picks up stains over time. This is because your property's concrete is exposed to the same airborne contaminants as your home. Your driveway is also exposed to vehicle leaks, such as motor oil or power steering fluid that stains a concrete driveway. A thorough concrete cleaning will remove these stains.

Professional pressure washing provides a deep clean and is essential in eliminating substances that can cause your concrete surfaces to become slippery, creating a fall hazard. Our pressure washing specialists perform a deep concrete cleaning to remove any mildew, algae, or rust without damaging any of your concrete surfaces.

The GreenLine Home Washing Approach to Pressure Washing

GreenLine Home Washing's pressure washing specialists use only the correct equipment for the type of exterior cleaning task at hand, be it concrete cleaning, deck cleaning, or roof cleaning. We use specialized cleaners of a properly mixed solution of algaecides and surfactants to remove algae, mold, and other contaminants from your exterior surfaces.

GreenLine Home Washing Concrete Cleaning Offers:

  • Safe and Effective Cleaning Agents
  • Mildew and Grime Elimination
  • Pavement Protection

Contact our Minneapolis or St. Paul pressure washing experts when you are ready to schedule concrete cleaning.

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